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Latest Recipes
Fall is the season for apples. Apple pie, apple juice, apple sauce ... All kinds of tasty treats!

Cookery is my passion

Lets rattle those

pots and pans

Cookery is the most wonderful hobby I can imagine. You take the very best that nature has to offer and use it to create one treat after the next. I love cooking. For my family. For my friends.

For my colleagues. When Im in the kitchen, Im the king of the world. But one things for sure: The most important ingredient of all is a love of cooking.

Fun in the kitchen:

Just give it a try!

Since I didnt train as a chef, I am open to experiments. Its all about creativity. Theres nothing that cant be prepared in a pot, pan, or in the oven. I generally use tried-and-trusted recipes as a basis.

But I dont limit myself to them. Depending on my mood, I might alter a recipe, and sometimes amaze myself at how good it tastes.

My favorite recipes: Quick and easy

This site presents my favorite recipes. To prepare them, you wont need more than just a few ingredients and some time. They are all easy to follow. And dont be scared of being creative. See for yourself!

1 lb ground meat, 1 onion, Canned ...
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